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Contracts of Employment - changes to Employers obligations March 2019

March 19th 2019 saw a significant change to the Employment (information) Act, 1994 & 2001 regarding the provision of employment terms to new employees.

The law states that you must now provide Core Terms of Employment Statement within 5 days of the start date of your new employee, and a full Contract of Employment and Company Handbook within 2 months.

What does this mean for you as an employer? - A bit more administration and HR work, clear procedures to follow and also peace of mind that both parties have better protection from employment law. For most employers it will be a one off exercise unless there is a significant change in an employees terms, and therefore a one off cost.

The best bit is that you won't need to have a meltdown when your friendly WRC officer comes knocking on your door!

Will it be policed? - Who knows. Like most of the laws surrounding commerce and employment inspections are mostly random and compliance can be poor for the smaller SME's.

19th March 2019 - Contracts of Employment.

Only time will tell - watch this space!

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