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If there's one thing 2020 will teach many of us is that we need to build a new future to avoid the next crash or pandemic or global crisis. Outsourcing could be the way forward for your business.

We need to identify our systems and procedures that are inefficient. We need to reduce costs and embrace technology and automation. We need to create flexible working practices and above all we need to be ready.


  • Cost effective fully managed payroll services.

  • GDPR and Revenue compliant.

  • PAYE Modernisation compliant.

  • SME geared.

Managed  Payroll


Solutions​ For A More

Secure Environment


Cloud Computing

Online Portal ¦ Dashboard ¦ Cloud Drive Compatible

Cloud storage and secure automatic backups of your business payroll data . 

A powerful portal that serves as a self service dashboard for both employee & employers.



Fully Encrypted ¦ Password Protected ¦ GDPR Compliant

We provide fully compliant GDPR systems with secure data protection and encryption.

Employees and employer have full control over their own passwords and options for their portals.

Android ¦ IOS ¦ Tablet ¦

Mobile Phone ¦ Laptop ¦ PC ¦ Mac

No need to be tied to a PC. We provide full access to both employers and employees through their mobile phones and tablets on all platforms and operating systems.

1. Managed Payroll Solutions

2. Secure Portals

3. Cloud & Mobile Friendly

Helping You Find The Right Payroll

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